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The Yoko Club? - Oh no. The German philosophy club? - I. Kant. The Ford-Nixon club? - Pardon me? The Arafat club? - Yessir. The Alzheimer's club? - Forget it. The Ebert movie club? - Roger. The Groucho Marx club? - You bet your life. The Peter Pan club? - Never. Never. The Japanese theater club? - Noh. The quarterback club? - I'll pass. The Rhett Butler club? - I don't give a damn. The compulsive rhymers club? - Okey-dokey. The Spanish optometrists club? - Si. The anti-perspirant club? - Sure. The pregnancy club? - Conceivably. The Procrastinator's Club? - Maybe next week The Self Esteem Builders? - They wouldn't accept me anyway The Agoraphobics Society? - Only if they meet at my house The Co-Dependence Club? - Can I bring a friend? The Prayer Group? - God willing!

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