Japanese Mistranslation

The following are actual products in Japan that have awful English mistranslations:

  • "Discover Japanese People Alive in their Festivals!" (Japan Travel Bureau travel guide)
  • Cookie Face (cosmetics)
  • Salad Girl (more cosmetics)
  • Skin clock for those wishing to become a dog (calendar)
  • Naive Lady (toilet paper)
  • The Goo (soup)
  • Pork with fresh garbage (cabbage)
  • Specialist in Deceased Children (diseased)
  • Finest Moldy Cheese
  • Liver Putty (Japanese SPAM)
  • My Fanny Toilet Paper
  • My Pee Diapers
  • Nail Remover (nail polish remover)
  • Pocari Sweat (beverage)

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