Polack With Razor

The guy next to us was listening for quite some time, when he
finally came over to our table and said..."I am Polish and I can
take a Polish joke as well as the next Polack, but your continued
bashing of my race is getting a little old. Could you please change
the subject?

We did.

Shortly thereafter.....my friend had to to to the bathroom and the
burly Polack got up and followed him into the bathroom.

They were in there for QUITE A WHILE and when they FINALLY came out,
I asked my friend what "What happened in there?"

He said "Well, you saw him follow me into the can.......Well he
pulled a RAZOR ON ME!

Really scared the hell out of me! And boy oh boy would I have ever
been in a pickle if he had fould a place to PLUG IT IN!

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