Indian Regional Jokes

Sindhi lawyer: Case-wani
Sindhi lawyer after a case: Purse-wani
The blue-skier sindhi: Akash-wani
Supplied in south indian hospitals: Nursing gum
Desi who falls at people's feet: Charan Singh
Desi who falls at peopls' feet and stays there: Gir charan Singh

What is a smart Malayalee called?


What is a dynamic malayalee called ?


Why did the malayalee crossed the road ?


What did one Bengali voyeur ask another?


How was wire invented?

Two marwaris spotted the same coin.

Why did the Gujju think the film Gandhi was about a woman?

Because Be(h)n Kingsley was in it.

What is a communist Sindhi called?


What is a Sindhi who falls from the first floor called?


What is a Sindhi who falls from the 17th. floor called?


What is a Sindhi who falls from the 30th. floor called?


What are the degrees of egoism in Tamil Nadu?

I, Iyer, Iyengar.

What is a jiving Sardar called?

Breakdan Singh.

What do you call a sardar who drinks only beer ?

Just-beer Singh.

What do you call a sardar who has only one drink ?

Just-one Singh.

a sikh scuba diver .. JULL-UNDER SINGH

a better adapted sikh diver .. JULLUNDER SINGH GILL

a bald sardarjee .. BAL-WANT SINGH

What does a sardarjee say to a whore ?


Why do you say (Bhagwan Shri) Rajneesh detests city life ?

'cos, from Koregaon he went to Oreg(a)on.

Why is A.P the land of underwears ?

'cos there they keep saying - yemUNDEE, chappUNDEE, koorchUNDDEE etc.

What is the (State) Anthem of A.P ?

telan-gana-mana ...

What is the most famous jingle in A.P ?

A.P days are here again ...

What do you call a bong who talks a lot, sometimes without making sense?

Mr. Chatter Jee.

Who is that guy visiting the Golden Temple everyday?

Har Mandir Singh.

What do you call a very rich Malayalee?

Million Iyer

Who is he who has many publications to his credit?

Journal Singh

What do you call a bong who takes bribe?

Mr. Goosh

Who is he who visited the Russia-China border?

Long Wall Singh

Who is that guy who enlightens others?


What do you call a sikh female's boyfriend?

Her Pal Singh

What do you call a sikh guy running towards the enemy camp with a white flag

in his hand?

Surrender Singh

How does a malayalee spell the word 'MOON' ?

M - O yet another O N.

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