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Married life is very frustrating. In the first year of marri...After three years of marriage, Kim was still questioning her...Both my son and daughter-in-law are full-time college studen...A husband and wife were at a party chatting with some friend...As he lay on his deathbed, the man confided to his wife, 'I ...A couple was celebrating their golden wedding anniversary. T...A woman in my office recently divorced after years of marria...At my granddaughter's wedding, the DJ polled the guests ...A young husband with an inferiority complex insisted he was ...Personally I think one of the greatest things about marriage...Some people ask the secret of Anthony's long marriage. They ...'The thrill is gone from my marriage,' Brian told his best f...At a country-club party a young man was introduced to an att...An elderly widow and widower were dating for about five year...Never before had Sue looked in the box that her husband kept...When they arrived at the therapist's office, the therapist j...I suppose it speaks volumes about the state of my marriage w...ATTORNEY: How was your first marriage terminated? WITNESS...His aching back made it impossible for my friend's husba...Three weeks after her wedding day, Joanna called her ministe...

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