One For All

Los Angeles, Fri.

In yet another Hollywood misrepresentation of Malaysia, a new movie about the world's most open black market, is being filmed.

Jack Moore, an American on holiday with two friends, discovered the real pleasures of 'Fascinating Malaysia'. A land where thousands and thousands of movies are available on VCD for only US$1.50 per title.

After stocking up their backpacks with tons of contraband VCDs, Jack was left with the task of packing the stuff and mailing it back home. In an unexpected plot twist, his two friends returned to the US, while Jack stayed behind to tour the rest of Bangsar.

Unfortunately for him, the authorities raided his room at Rumah Tumpangan Paris before the Postlaju pick-up arrived. Jack now faces the death penalty for possession of illegal VCDs.

According to the script, a little known Malaysian law states that possession of more than 5 pirated copies of the same movie subjects the offender to capital punishment. An even lesser known part of the law states that Jack can escape the gallows if his two friends return to Malaysia to 'share' the charge. Malaysian thespian Patrick Teoh who made a career out of playing cranky judges will break with tradition and play a sweet and lovable judge.

Another local radio personality, Steven Sum makes his feature film debut tackling the role of Ah Fook the VCD seller. Sources close to Malaysia Roadside confirmed that the movie is tentatively titled "Return To Petaling Street".

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