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The man approached the very beautiful woman in the large sup...A man walks into a bar and asks for six shots of vodka. The ...The man was in no shape to drive, so he wisely left his car ...A minister gave a talk to the Lions Club on sex. When he got...A police officer attempts to stop a car for speeding and the...One afternoon, a man was riding in the back of his limousine...After she woke up, a woman told her husband, 'I just dreamed...'I was married 3 times' explained the man to a newly discove...A young couple drove several miles down a country road, not ...A man was complaining to a friend. 'I had it all. Money, a b...A couple have not been getting along for years, so the husba...Two deaf men were in a coffee shop discussing their wives. O...A man and his young wife were in divorce court, but the cust...A couple came upon a wishing well. The husband leaned over, ...In West Kerry, the wife commented, 'When we were first marri...A man speaks frantically into the phone, 'My wife is pregnan...A 54-year-old accountant leaves a letter for his wife one ev...A man comes home and hears hard breathing female noises from...One night, this guy come into a bar and asks the bartender f...A couple came upon a wishing well. The husband leaned over, ...

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