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One day a college professor was greeting his new college cla...A young boy enters a barber shop and the barber whispers to ...I was driving when I saw the flash of a traffic camera. I fi...We brought our newborn son, Adam, to the pediatrician for his first checkup. As ...Three buddies die in a car crash, and they go to heaven to an orientation. They ...Clearly the van ahead of me belonged to a window-replacement company with a real...A family of tortoises went into a cafe for some ice cream. They sat down and w...The first lawyer questioning a panel of prospective jurors began right off as an...Do you know what it means to come home to a man who'll give you a little love, a...Flashlights used by my National Guard unit can withstand almost anything. And to...Three blondes are stranded on an island. A fairy comes along and says that she w...President Dubya was awakened one night by an urgent call from the Pentagon. "Mr...."I've never flown before, said the nervous old lady to the pilot. "You will brin...What a woman says: "This place is a mess C'mon, you and I need to clean up. Your...A preacher was completing a temperance sermon: with great expression he said, "I..."But why did you leave your last place?" the lady asked of the would-be cook. "...Chaffee could talk on any subject whether he knew anything about it or not. Most...Early Texas governors were not very well educated. There was once a chief execut...A tourist is visiting New York City when his car breaks down. He jumps out and s...The desk sergeant answered the phone, and at once a woman began screaming. "Yo...
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